Australian fish treats and chews: all Australian fisheries caught.

All our baked treats are made by hand in our kitchen.

 The Lolli Chomps are individually wrapped.

some are wheat free, some are meat free.

we even do a sampler in 2 sizes...

and don't forget to look out for our seasonal specials!

If you have a Special request.. please ask...
 All birthday cakes can be picked up (if you live in Sydney) or delivered ($25 Sydney, more sometimes outside Sydney).
Cakes CANNOT be delivered on the weekend.
SOMETIMES cakes can be picked up on the weekend.. it just depends on our weekend events commitments...
If you need your cake for the weekend, we would freeze the cake so you just take it out of the freezer, the morning of the birthday and it will be ready for he party!
 we deliver for free on SPECIFIC run days, like our Main Courses, so, you can have your cake delivered on this day, made to order, but frozen for your convenience when you need it.

perfect for trying bits and pieces of our treats and chews without committing to buy a whole packet. Save 20%. 

Once you figure out what your dog likes: order up by the packet!

We sell our eggs fresh from 2 different homes. we know both places personally and pick up the eggs.

They are paddock roaming, dirt scratching chickens in Londonderry  and North Richmond. with full access to grass and light, these guys are only locked up at night in the hen house or portable hen caravan.

If you want polished, poo and feather free, sanitized eggs: these are not for you. They are REAL eggs, so come with dirt and stuff depending where they are laid. They are also different colours and sizes...

We sell the eggs by the dozen or half dozen.

 Add them to your animals food, or scramble them for yourself!

please contact us: all horse cakes are made to order. 

whether it's cup cakes or logs.

all the treats in this collection are Australian, human grade meat or fish.

 nothing added: just the ingredient listed in the title.

These Main Courses are suitable for all weaned puppies. even when your dog gets older, they can enjoy these foods.