Sassy Treats

Mixed Sampler


Mixed Sampler
Mixed Sampler
Mixed Sampler

Sassy Treats

Mixed Sampler


Not sure what to buy? always getting your pooches favourite wrong?

Why not buy one of everything!

This sampler will give you 12 treats: one of every backed treat, all in a smaller sized biscuit for a smaller sized dog.

Gingerbread Postman, Bella Biscotti, Raz Ring, Bearly Mint, Lionel Love, Smudge Spinner, Molly Moo, Sassy Star, Chicky babe, Oliver Twist, Jedda Cheddar, Toby Triangle

The difference between the small and the large is the size of the biscuit. 

Small sampler: Small to medium dogs

Large Sampler: Medium to large dogs



Organic selected gluten and gluten free flours

Organic Free Range eggs

Canola Oil

Parmesan cheese

Air Dried chicken

Air dried Lamb Liver

Air Dried kangaroo

Air dried Tuna


Peanut butter


Raw honey

NAS Carob

Organic Almonds

Organic Cranberries

Shredded coconut

Fresh Parsley

Fresh Mint