Sassy Treats

Sweet Sampler


Sassy Treats

Sweet Sampler


Finally: you've narrowed it down: your pal is a sweet lover!!!

This sampler comes in 2 sizes small (for small to medium dogs)

and large (for medium to large dogs)

The difference is the size of the biscuits depending on the size of the dog.

2 @ of each of our "sweet" baked treats in a box.

Smudge Spinners, Lionel Loves, Raz Rings, Bearly Mints, Bella Biscotti, Gingerbread Postman.



Selected Organic gluten and gluten free flours

Organic free range eggs

Pesticide free Almonds

Peanut butter

Dried Cranberries

Fresh Parsley

Fresh Mint

Shredded Coconut

Wild Honey


Australian Canola Oil